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Virtual Kindness

Today, the world's kindest human Maxime went to go visit an apartment that Isa and I would like to live in in Paris. He called us on WhatsApp, and through his eyes we saw the walk from his apartment to our listing, went through the courtyard, and saw the apartment as if we were there. We spoke to the current tenants through him, actively translating our English to French in real time. This was not only an innovative solution to our being so far away, but it was particularly striking to me that such kindness could be done for people who have only formed a virtual friendship. It made me think about the novelty in the relationships we have formed throughout the program, purely online, and how close I feel to people like Isa and Maxime who have not yet made it to London. The ability to connect to people, create not only strong working relationships with them but also friendships that I feel will last forever, by only digital contact is something that has been surprising and valuable for me to learn throughout my time in the MMK.

The Production:

A virtual theatrical experience, completed one on one via FaceTime. The audience member is paired with a tour guide from another country. You see their town through their eyes as they tell you stories about their life, and run into other people in town. You are both a fly on the wall in this character's life, but also being taken on a journey, interacting with your character when no one else is around. The audience member gets to explore a new city, while being involved in the character's story along the way.

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