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I recently binge watched the French television series Lupin on Netflix - it is about a man whose father was falsely framed for stealing a necklace and, inspired by literary thief Arsene Lupin, he crafts his revenge. Something I found creative about the show is the subtle ways racial dynamics and commentary come into play. Assane, the lead, is a Black man, and while this isn't a show about race, the fact that he is Black shows up - in the ways that the white people around him don't notice him in certain disguises, the ways he can blend in, relying on the anonymity that his blackness lends him in the circles of extreme wealth he is operating in. He knows when the white people around him will not bother to remember his face, or not question his presence as a janitor or a repairman. He uses this to his advantage to reclaim his power from the people who took his father away.

The Production:

A story about a young man whose brother mysteriously disappeared at the hands of the police. He gets a job in the mailroom of the precinct and uses his own detective work to figure out what happened. He utilizes the systemic biases within the precinct to get into confidential spaces and get information. He successfully reveals that there was corruption that led to his brother's disappearance, and fights for his freedom.

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