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Pigs in a Blanket

At a pub in Chelsea, I ordered what I thought would be my favorite appetizer, pigs in a blanket, typically mini hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry, but instead got mini English sausages nestled in a Yorkshire pudding. While the general structure of sausages and carbs were the same, the complete misfire in executing the concept of pigs in a blanket was hilarious to me. The flavors were off, the dish was completely differently constructed, like little pigs tucked into a giant blanket rather than the typical passed hors d'oeuvres that have been at every American event I've ever been to. It was such a British spin on it as well, I couldn't help but laugh at the interpretation.

The Production:

An immersive cooking experience where audience members are given the name of a dish, and some of the ingredients, and are instructed to make the dish off of the name alone. After experimenting in the kitchen, there is a competition to see which interpretation was the most accurate. Then, they are served the real thing, and learn about the dish and the story it tells. A fun party experience that educates and entertains.

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