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I was in the bathroom of a pub, when I came across this poster that made me feel so many feelings - in the women's room only (I had a male friend I was with check the men's room to see if the poster was also in there) I saw a poster titled "# Ask for Angela" where if you are ever feeling unsafe, you can go to the bar and "ask for Angela" and the bartender will discreetly help you get out of your situation. Looking at this, I was both heartbroken that this was a necessity in the first place, and hopeful that there are businesses thinking about the safety of women and willing to help in their time of need. It is a creative solution to the timeless problem of misogyny and harassment, providing businesses a template to become a safe space for all.

The Production:

Two female best friends open a bar together, and one night, something terrible happens to one of their patrons, Angela, during a first date gone wrong. The two owners step in and lend Angela a helping hand, and in a conversation at the bar after closing, the three of them form a bond over all of their experiences at the hands of men who have taken advantage of them. They team up to become activists, creating the "ask for Angela" campaign, and work together to fight against rape culture, creating a movement and a lifelong friendship along the way.

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