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Tradition Fusion

My version

Today's inspiration came from a recipe I used to roast this (burnt, yet very delicious) "Pastrami Roast Chicken With Schmaltzy Onions and Dill." The recipe comes from Molly Baz's new cookbook Cook This Book, and her recipes are always boldly fun and flavorful. This chicken recipe, according to her book, was inspired by her husband's love of pastrami sandwiches, and her love for a New York style deli. She turned something that she and her husband love into an at-home Sunday roast. The chicken was delicious, but the flavors successfully reminded me of home, of the deli I'd go to with my grandmother, the pastrami sandwiches my mother would make me for lunch that my friends did not understand, yet elevated into something completely new and exciting and confidently Molly's. The creativity in this dish came from repurposing flavors seamlessly into a completely different atmosphere.

Molly's Version

The Production:

A series of one-woman plays about the ways we incorporate the tastes, habits, behaviors of our mothers and grandmothers into our own lives. These can be stories about positive or negative maternal relationships, across cultures and socioeconomic status, but most importantly about how we can turn what we inherit into the things we own and create in our own personal identities and independent lives. These plays could be written by a variety of playwrights and presented in a festival format.

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