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The Haunted Bookshop

In a tight, somewhat hidden passageway in Cambridge, is a hole in the wall lined with books called "The Haunted Bookshop." Quaint, dusty, and full of hidden treasures, this bookshop is known to be riddled with ghosts, and the owner before the current one requested the name stay the same to honor the spirits that call the bookshop home. Walking by, I thought it would be kitschy and touristy, but it feels eerily authentic. As someone who doesn't believe in ghosts, I could honestly see some haunting going down in this preserved space.

The Production:

A bookshop where a group of 12 year old friends hang out with the old, wise owner. The owner tells the kids about the haunted history of the bookshop, and the kids are intrigued. They sneak into the shop at night, and try to stay overnight to fight the ghosts, but nothing appears for hours and hours, until all of a sudden chaos ensues. Through puppetry and visual effects, a ghost story the owner told earlier comes to life and the kids (and audience) are intensely frightened as it unfolds. It is later revealed that the owner caught wind of the kids sneaking in, and it was him all along pretending to be the ghosts. A play perfect for the Halloween season!

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