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The Globe

I am thrilled to report that I went to my first theatrical production in over a year, and my heart is so full! I went to Shakespeare's Globe to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the second someone walked on stage I wept. My heart was so full not only seeing performers pour their heart on to the stage, but because of the work of the stagehands, the band, the front of house team, all bringing this historic space that has been through so much, to life. Being in The Globe, a place that has burnt to the ground and been rebuilt, with hundreds of years of history breathing life into language. It is a stunning experience, without elaborate sets or microphones, to be in a place where timeless stories have been told for generations. This ability to just let the space and the language simply speak for itself in all its grandeur.

The Production:

A series of short plays about actors in the Globe over several generations. In the style of the scenes of the players in Midsummer Night's Dream. You see over generations the actors' shared love of storytelling, their connections to each other, and to The Globe. The stories intertwine as you see one of the actors is related to the future generations. The stories are short entertaining ones both about the lives of actors, but also about the tradition of theatre and storytelling and why/how it has persisted throughout history.

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