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The Creative Confidence Struggle

Throughout my life, one of my largest professional and personal challenges has always been to believe in my ideas, to confidently improvise, to not second guess a creative spark before I let anyone else see it. In my work in the arts, I built my career on being a facilitator of other people's creativity. As a producer, my responsibility is to take creative ideas and make them a reality: I have collaborated with directors, actors, writers to help put the pieces of their ideas together for their productions. There is certainly a lot of creativity involved in producing, but I never felt I could claim ownership over it. The strategy, problem solving, communications crafting, and relationship building that are all part of being a theatre producer all make the art possible, but I have always felt insecure about the fact that all of my work in the arts was in service of someone else's core idea. While I loved my work as a producer, and don't see myself wanting to become a playwright or director myself, the ability to flex these muscles after almost a decade of doubting my ability to would allow me to claim creative space not only in future theatrical endeavors, but in my new career as a marketer where my imposter syndrome is certainly to creep into my subconscious.

Throughout the rest of this term, I will take the creative inspiration I see in the world, and turn them into concepts for theatrical experiences. I will use this assignment as an opportunity to reclaim my insecurity and learn how to stand behind my own brainstorming by letting the ideas be read by someone else before I consider it to be ready. This blog will include musings on what I find creative in the world, and a brief summary of a theatrical production I envision it turning into. I hope this exercise will allow me to regain the creative confidence I lost along my artistic journey as a producer, and remind me once in for all the truth in Shakespeare's musings that "all the world is a stage."

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