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SoulCycle itself is a theatrical experience. You enter the room (or, in my case, going to the outdoor version in a giant tent outside of Selfridges during COVID) and there are disco lights, and blaring music (or, in my case, silent disco headphones). You clip into your bike and the world's hottest people go on to a little platform at the front of the room and yell motivating things to you as you bike to the beat of the music. They tell you that how you are on the bike is how you are in life, tell personal stories of their traumas, and tell you that you're beautiful and can accomplish anything. I've cried on the bike from all the motivation.

The Production:

An immersive production where you are a participant in a spin class, but slowly you realize you are being initiated into a cult. What starts out as an innocent exercise class, all about personal strength and motivation, slowly devolves into a ritual where the audience member realizes they are being initiated into something sinister. The charisma of the instructor, later to be revealed as a cult leader, is captivating at first - causing the audience to question how susceptible they could be to falling into the trap of a magnetic personality.

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