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Sculpture Story

I went to the V&A Museum this week, and was absolutely struck by the grandeur of the sculpture room. Maybe it was because of the scale of the works of art, Trajan's Column towering over the room, the detail in each carving and molding, or the fact that I hadn't engaged with this kind of culture in a long time, but I found it absolutely remarkable when I usually do not appreciate these kinds of museums so deeply. This room in particular was striking because of the mismatched colors, the intricacy of the works, the variety of levels in the room. It felt different than other museum settings I've seen, where each room is either flush with marble, or iron, each piece complimenting each other. There was more drama in this room than I expected.

The Production:

It is nighttime at the museum, and all of the sculptures come alive. We see their world where they reveal their history, discuss their artists, and reflect on the day of visitors. They complain about the Instagram age, and the lack of appreciation. They talk about what it is like to be restored and preserved for hundreds of years. They talk about the wealthy patrons of the institution. The stories these works of art can tell span centuries.

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