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Save the Date

My friend Kira's save the date for her wedding came in the mail today, and it is the quirkiest, cutest thing I've ever seen and it so perfectly represents who they are as a couple. They had their friend, a cartoonist, draw them next to Big Tex, a giant statue that is at the Dallas State Fair, saying "I agreed to a big Texas wedding, not Big Tex's wedding." I thought this was so lighthearted and fun, and perfectly represented them as people: creative types that want to have fun with their friends, in a park, celebrating their hometown (Austin, TX), their family, and each other.

The Production:

A children's production where on the day of a couple's wedding, they have discovered that either they have shrunk, or everything around them has become absolutely giant! The couple has been spending months trying to throw the biggest, fanicest party that Texas has ever seen. They realize over the course of many antics and adventures trying to get people to notice them as they frantically try to save their wedding that they lost sight of what truly matters: their love of each other. When they confess that their wedding has gotten too big, and they need to reconnect to each other, they make their vows on a lilypad in the lake at their venue. When they say I do, and confess that their new family is what weddings are all about, they suddenly become normal size again and the curse is broken.

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