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Origin Story

At Electric Cinema, I saw Cruella, the Emmas Stone and Thompson vehicle that was a bold and exciting take on the origin story of notorious puppy killer, Cruella de Vil. I truly went into this film with the lowest expectations, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't simply a kids' movie, but a star vehicle for not one, but two iconic actresses to serve us some camp. There is nothing I love more than a movie centered around a female power dynamic and insane fashion (The Devil Wears Prada energy). I expected them to make Cruella sympathetic through tragedy, but instead Disney chose to make her sympathetic through a bit of tragedy, but mostly her talent and drive. You want her to win because she is so incredibly good at what she does: constructing drama out of fashion.

The Production:

A costume designer in the 1800s gets a job at an Opera House in Paris ran by two corrupt patrons. During a fitting with the prima ballerina, she learns that the patrons have been abusing the ballerinas and threatening their place in the company if they tell. The costume designer takes this into her own hands, constructing a ruse to get revenge on these monsters through her designs for the next show.

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