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Neal's Yard

Through a little passageway near Seven Dials is Neal's Yard, a colorful little wonderland with shops and restaurants with bright, vibrant, mismatched buildings lining a teeny courtyard. I stumbled upon it while wandering around and was so delighted to find what felt like my little secret (although logically, I know it's probably extremely well known and not a secret at all). The use of color throughout London is so charming, and not what one would expect from a city that uses words like "posh" in earnest. In a culture where class and decorum are more prominent drivers of behavior than where I am used to, the pops of surprising color are always new to me, having grown up in a neighborhood where the shade of yellow you were allowed to paint your house was prescribed by the homeowners association.

The Production:

A speakeasy dinner theatre, but instead of a dark, smoky, jazzy vibe, it is a mini circus with burlesque performers and modern clown work and drag in the brightest colors and with the peppiest, most joyful energy. It's a show that is happiness personified!

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