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Message in a Bottle

In the first of many pieces of inspiration that will likely be found from somewhere I am so deeply grateful to be able to once again explore: restaurants. Today's creativity was brought to you by Kolamba on Carnaby Street. This was my first venture into the world of Sri Lankan cuisine, of course with a modern twist. What I find so incredibly creative about restaurants is the value that comes from the small touches. The margarita was served in a tiny bottle that we poured into the glass ourselves: a seemingly insignificant detail that one would think would just mean more work for the customer, but added such a spark of fun to the experience. The aesthetics of this, combined with the seaweed salt on the rim of the glass, it reminded me of a message in a bottle received from the ocean. Then came the feast, with curries layered with flavor with a lot of brightness brought in from ingredients like pineapple and lime. The hopper: a Sri Lankan pancake served with a fried egg in the middle, was a bit of richness that tied it all together.

The Production:

A whimsical musical about a young girl who has been stuck in a seaside town, dreaming of a life of adventure. She is collecting shells on the shore when a message in a bottle washes up. She smashes the bottle, to find a mango pit wrapped up in the letter with a message to plant the pit in a forest on the other side of her island. The problem is: her overbearing parents have never let her leave the town she is from. Insisting this message is a sign that this is the moment she has been waiting for, an excuse to escape, she and her brother Hopper sneak out of town and go on this journey. They go on an incredible adventure, but insisting this quest would be the thing to fix her dissatisfaction with her own life turns out to be her downfall when she finds the spot listed in the message is not to be found, and the soil in their destination is infertile. She and Hopper then have to learn to make their own happiness, rather than waiting for fate to turn your life around.

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