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I am Bunny

On Tik Tok, there is an account featuring a wildly intelligent dog named Bunny who is being taught to communicate by her owner through buttons on the ground that she presses with her paw to speak through. At this point, she is almost speaking full sentences, communicating with her humans through choppy yet shockingly coherent strings of words. Every time one of her videos crosses my feed I am surprised to learn she is using prepositions and asking questions. I've always thought dogs were more clever than we give them credit for, but this incredibly innovative approach to giving a dog tools to express themselves and learn language is very striking to me.

The Production:

A play for children about a dog that learns to speak through a computer! When her humans are at work, she tries and tries and tries to teach herself how to use her family computer to learn how to communicate with those around her. When her humans get wind of what she is working on, they make it a family effort, all working together to make the impossible possible, and the unconditional love that a dog provides proves to be more contagious than the family could possibly ever expect!

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