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Feeling Modern Tonight

There is a New York-based comedian I am absolutely obsessed with. Her name is Catherine Cohen and she does cabaret style musical comedy about life as a 28 year old woman in NYC. She reveals the gritty realities of body confidence, dating, sex, show business, in a way that feels incredibly authentic. She is the perfect combination of raw and old-school glamorous. Her voice is good, but not incredible. Her songs are "it's funny because it's TRUE" absurdly funny, but simple in their melody and orchestrations. She brings a classic musical theatre tradition into the 21st Century,

The Production:

A speakeasy cabaret with Catherine Cohen style artists - the energy is old 1920s Prohibition New York, smoky jazz bar, but the content of the music and comedy is dreadfully modern. The audience is instructed to show up in costume, and that night you are transported to a world where you commiserate with your generation through honest and raw, yet playfully musical content. It ends with a dance party with swing band covers of modern songs.

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