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Entering Boldly

Today's inspiration comes from the streets of Shoreditch, where I stumbled upon this piece of street art on the door of an apartment building of a leggy blonde woman showing off a beautiful body among some very groovy flowers. I loved the confidence this art exhibited, and found it to be such a wonderful way to enter your home, to put mail through a slot between her legs, to open the door and go into your building with a reminder that it is beautiful to live boldly. This made me think of entryways, and how it makes such a difference the way you begin something, or the mindset with which you enter a room.

The Production:

A choose your own adventure musical about a woman navigating life in a big city. The audience enters the woman's consciousness, and gets to choose via an app on their phone, which turns the plot takes, what she says to others, how she chooses to go about her day. She makes decisions that greatly affect her life, and the audience gets further and further invested in making the right choices. The grand finale is a musical number about all of the paths she could have taken, and the audience sees the wild paths they could have embarked on if they took different journeys, the lesson being that the boldest choices always give the most reward.

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