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Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams

My gym in New York was the most wonderful, silliest, warm and supportive little place. Throughout the Pandemic, they brought their classes online, which is great because it has allowed me to keep up with their antics even while abroad via Zoom. Their creative approach to fitness is making it a radically inclusive, friendly, and silly place. It's not a gym, but what they call the "Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams." Each class starts off with a "name game" where the instructor asks a question ranging from "what are your goals for this week?" to "if you could have your pointer fingers be a water gun for any two liquids, what would you have on tap at all times?" (iced coffee in one hand, and negroni in the other). They play showtunes and disco during the classes, and once a year they bring local drag queens to cheer us on while we work out. The classes are intense, weightlifting HIIT workouts, but always done with a pile of love and a community built on a foundation of love and acceptance. Bringing this energy to fitness and prioritizing the people inside the bodies rather than the bodies themselves in an environment focused on physicality is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.

The production:

An immersive concert production that takes place in a bunker in an alternate universe where everyone is free of their insecurities. Each character sings songs about this safe space, their journey to the space, and the love and light they have found inside, told through pop anthems of self love. The characters interact with the audience, welcoming them into the space and bringing them on stage to help them through their journey to the bunker. Part rock concert, part therapy, this joyous space empowers the audience through storytelling.

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