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Chicken and Waffles

Growing up in the South, fried chicken and waffles was my absolute favorite food. I went to brunch with some of the girls in the program to a Peruvian spot called Pachamama, which specialized in Peruvian spins on chicken and waffles. It made me so happy to have a crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside waffle with toppings that partially reminded me of home, partially reminded me of somewhere completely far away. Especially being somewhere so far away from both home and Peru. They were also aesthetically stunning, which was very pleasing to experience. This combination of hometown comforts and exotic twists felt extremely out of the box, but particularly since this concept is so connected to where I am from.

The Production:

A young man inherits a family diner and has to move home after traveling the world. The diner is run down, almost going out of business, so he tries to bring it back to life by doing spins on chicken and waffles from all around the world. At first his small town is skeptical, but then the diner becomes a national sensation. Can this young chef remember his roots in the midst of culinary fame? Is this dream that was thrust on him by fate really his dream? A tale of love, loss, and waffles, the audience also gets to taste his creations throughout the play in an immersive experience.

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