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Chez Stephan

I went to a wine tasting tonight in a hair salon. Down in Putney, there is a salon with a fully operational luxury wine shop sharing the same space. The sommelier took us to the garden in the back, past the women getting their highlights done or their hair cut, to the garden where he shared his favorite French wines with us, and told us about his hometown in the South of France. I wanted to ask how his wine shop ended up in this hair salon, how two seemingly incongruous things could coexist so seamlessly, and how he ended up hosting this dual space. The wine was incredibly interesting, and everyone who walked out of the salon looked beautiful. It was a match made in heaven.

The Production:

A dark comedy about a nail artist and a chef who inherit an abandoned building from their estranged father. Both with big dreams, and unable to figure out how to split the inheritance, they decide to join forces and open a combined nail salon/restaurant. Dealing with each other, their family traumas, and this impossible dream, they learn the true meaning of family by building something new together.

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