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Last night I went to Ottolenghi's new restaurant ROVI which is based on fermentation and cooking over an open fire. We were seated right next to the kitchen, with flames blazing in the corner of my eye. The food was elegant, but there was an earthy realness to the flavors. A lot of briny, salty pickles with charred undertones. It was a blend of the past and the future, down to earth with a head in the clouds. The aesthetics of each plate were so pleasing, but the taste was that of

The Production:

A modern adaptation of Tarzan where Jane, the wealthy British chef on a research trip, goes to a small village in Peru and tastes the most wild and out of the box flavors she has ever tasted cooked by a strapping young chef. Her eyes are opened to a whole new world, and she decides to

take the chef under her wing and teach him French cooking techniques, the classic way of cooking. They fall in love, but the chef is torn between going to Europe to become a famous chef, and staying true to his roots and his home.

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