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Back to the theatre I go! This time to a production of SIX, a concert featuring the six wives of Henry IIIV all competing for the title of unluckiest queen. It was flashy and fun, the women on stage screlting (screaming + belting) their hearts out in incredible costumes, with the finale ending with confetti falling from the sky. It was glorious: the Spice Girls take on history I never knew I needed. This kind of historical adaptation is particularly creative because of the ways it reclaims history and allows figures from the past to retell their stories in ways that empower them.

The Production:

A teen musical about a group of young female friends working on a school project about historical women. They each go on a journey as they finish their final year of high school, connecting to their assigned heroine and through working on their assignment. Each of them has a song about their chosen woman, and how the story they're studying connects to their own lives and their journey into womanhood.

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