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That 70s Show

Tonight I went to a groovy little bar in West Hampstead called Bobby Fitzpatrick. Decorated like a 1970s basement, decked out with retro leather furniture, disco balls, and a soundtrack of old school hits. In the back corner there is a replica of a 1970s style kitchen, with vintage cereal boxes, retro appliances, like it was preserved from a sitcom. It's curious why they would put a stagnant, unusable kitchen set in the middle of a bar, but I found it added to the immersive atmosphere of the bar, in the middle of a residential neighborhood that probably had many kitchens just like this one.

The Production:

A play about the cast of a 1970s family sitcom that gets canceled out of the blue because one of the characters was protesting the Vietnam War. The actors turn on the network to turn their final live recording into a massive protest, live on television. This story is told as a jukebox musical with songs that were iconic of 1970s protest rock and roll.

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