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This afternoon I went to the ever so stylish Sketch for an opulent afternoon tea service. The space was one of the most out of the box, wildly decorated that I've ever seen. Inconspicuous on the outside, stepping into Sketch (especially in the middle of a weekday afternoon) feels like stepping into an alternate universe. Each room is not only decorated differently, but over the top and elaborate. The room we had tea in was baby pink from head to toe, with quirky posters lining the walls juxtaposed with an very high, very beautiful ceiling. Our five course tea started with my very first taste of caviar, and from then on it felt like the most indulgent thing I've ever experienced. A string quartet was playing the Bridgerton soundtrack in the corner of the room, and I teared up from my first experience of live music since the pandemic began. However, I was alarmed by the fact that everyone in the room seemed to be more preoccupied with Instagram than living in the moment during this truly indulgent experience. They were unphased and obsessed with curating the perfect image of a post-pandemic life.

The bathrooms were absolutely insane as well: in a bright white room that feels like Saturday Night Fever meets outer space, each bathroom stall is in its own egg-shaped pod. Disorienting and delightful (and somewhat creepy), I wondered what inspired this kooky, other worldly space that felt like an upper class secret.

The production:

It is 2300, and Climate Change has left the world uninhabitable. The upper class have secretly escaped to a space station, where they are able to stay safe not only from the burning Earth, but also from the lower class. They are blissfully ignorant of the horrors happening on Earth, and no one on the ground knows where the rich and powerful have fled. However, one of the maids on the spacecraft decides to stage a revolution with her coworkers, and sends a signal to Earth telling them how they've been abandoned by the world's most wealthy, and they overthrow the spacecraft and show the world how evil extreme wealth has always been.

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