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Electric Cinema

I am finding it so creatively delightful whenever I encounter a business that relishes in the retro. The lush red couches, the glamorous ceilings, the screen that was juuuust big enough. The room felt candle lit. It was glamorous, yet felt decidedly other worldly compared to the multiplex IMAX cinemas I'm used to in the states. Deciding to create a space that feels like you're going back in time, specifically low-tech, low-fi, retro feels counterintuitive when you're going to see a film designed to be on the largest screen, in the highest definition, with a sound system that puts you in the world of the movie: you're creating a movie theater space where the space is the experience, and the story is secondary.

The Production:

A play about a small remote town where the old, family-run movie theater is threatened to go out of business when a large multiplex is being built in the mall one town over. Can the family preserve tradition and save their business? Through rediscovering the true magic of film and collective experience of stories, the family figures out a way to remind the town why their small business matters so much.

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